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Welcome to online Laptop Batteries UK Store, we offer a complete line of laptop batteries for most notebooks: Apple Laptop Batteries, Dell Notebook Batteries, HP Laptop Batteries, Lenovo Laptop batteries, Sony Notebook Batteries, Samsung Laptop Batteries and Toshiba Laptop Batteries. All laptop batteries are specifically designed for the right notebook brand models. If you have any question about our laptop batteries, please feel free to Contact Us.

New Power Tool Batteries

Bosch BAT609 battery
Bosch BAT609 Power Tool Battery
Li-ion, 18V, 4000mAh
AU $75.21

Dewalt DC9096 DW9096 battery
Dewalt DW9096 Cordless Drill Battery
Ni-MH, 18V, 3000mAh
AU $71.45

Makita 1822 battery
Power Tool Battery for Makita 1822
Ni-Cd, 18V, 2000mAh
AU $68.75

14.4V Panasonic EY9L40 battery
Cordless Drill Battery for Panasonic EY9L40
Li-ion, 14.4V, 3000mAh
AU $72.75

Black Decker A9252 battery
Black & Decker A1718 Power Tool Batteries
Ni-Cd 18V, 2000mAh
AU $77.12

Milwaukee M12 batetry
Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drill Batteries
Li-ion, 12V, 2000mAh
AU $51.31

Paslode 404717 battery
Power Tool Batteries for Paslode 404717
Ni-Cd, 6V, 2000mAh
AU $59.63

DYSON DC16 battery
Vacuum Cleaner Battery for DYSON DC16
Li-ion, 21.6V, 2000mAh
AU $59.30

Ryobi P108 batetry
Cordless Drill Batteries for Ryobi P108
Li-ion, 18V, 5000mAh
AU $89.18

Dewalt DC9071 battery
Power Tool Battery for Dewalt DC9071
Ni-MH, 12V, 3000mAh
AU $68.49

Makita BL1830 batetry
Makita BL1830 Cordless Drill Battery
Li-ion, 18V, 3000mAh
AU $69.73

Bosch 2 607 335 711 battery
Bosch 2 607 335 711 Power Tool Battery
Ni-Cd, 14.4V,2000mAh
AU $66.22

A laptop battery overall life

A laptop computer battery should last between two and four years, or around 1,000 full charges. The total lifetime of a battery is dependent on several factors. These factors include battery type (NiCad, NiMH, or Li-ion), how often the battery is used, and its age.

New laptop battery or first use

After purchasing a new laptop computer or battery for your laptop, we recommend that the battery be charged for no less than 24-hours. A 24-hour charge makes sure the battery is fully charged and helps with the battery's life expectancy. Once it is fully charged, you should not discharge it fully, if possible. Lithium-ion batteries (the type used in modern laptop computers) are strained, and may be weakened, when they are fully discharged. Doing so frequently can shorten the battery's lifespan.

Don't worry about overcharging the battery. Modern laptops will stop charging the battery when it is fully charged and switch over to AC power while the laptop is plugged into an outlet.If you are excited to use your new laptop, it can still be used while it is plugged into an outlet. However, we suggest not unplugging it until it's been charged for that length of time.